Are you a beginner guitar player that wants to learn how to play along with your favorite songs?

Are you a repeat beginner guitar student ready to succeed this time?

Are you frustrated trying to learn to play the guitar through YouTube, books and DVDs?

Do you want the fastest way to learn how to play the guitar?

The Best Guitar Lessons in the Waconia Area

guitar lessons in waconia

If you are a complete beginner or a repeat beginner guitar player, and live in the cities of Waconia, Mound, Minnetrista, Victoria, Chanhassen, Norwood and surrounding communities than Six String Studios is the right place for you.

I am fully committed to helping my students achieve their goals for playing the guitar. You will receive personal attention and a custom learning program based on what you want to learn.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar lessons in the Waconia area are available right now but space is limited. I specialize in helping beginners and repeat beginners achieve their dreams in learning how to play the guitar

Reach Your Guitar Playing Goals

school-of-rockImagine being like your guitar heroes. Imagine being able to play the music you want and write your own songs. Imagine being able to pick up a guitar and impress your friends and family. These are all realistic goals! By taking lessons at Six String Studios, you can achieve those goals.

By having effective learning methods delivered to you at the right time and in the correct way will allow you to play the guitar like you have always wanted. Six String Studios specializes in providing guitar lessons that are designed specifically to take guitar students from absolute zero to having the ability to play songs, write music, improvise solos, jam with others, understand basic music theory and much more!

I am so confident that I can help you with your guitar playing, that I am offering you a free no obligation introductory guitar lesson and skill assessment to all first time students so you can get to know the teacher with zero risk.

I Love Taking Guitar Lessons at Six String Studios

six string studios testimonial brenI love taking lessons with Six String Studios. Before I had taken lessons here I was trying to learn out of some little book I got a the store. That is no way to learn. I like Six String studios because it gives you the opportunity to play what you want and what you are interested in. I love taking lessons here and I couldn't imagine taking lessons anywhere else. - Bren F.

I'm Learning What I Want to Learn

six string studios guitar lesson testimonialScott does a great job listening to what you want to learn I went 10 years without picking up my guitar as the case was gathering dust in a closet. I was looking for a studio and teacher that would help me learn how to play my guitar again. I didn't want to learn all the chords, methods, and everything from square one. I needed a refresher and had a good idea of the songs I wanted to learn how to play. Scott was able to help me accomplish all of this. From learning how to play the essential chords right away and learning to play a recognizable song in less than a month was such a great feeling of accomplishment. I am also learning techniques such as picking and playing arpeggios. Something that hadn't even crossed my mind that would be so much fun to play. Scott does a great job listening to what you want to learn and creating the lesson plan to fit. - Nicole N.

Other Guitar Teachers Only Give You The Minimum

  • Most guitar teachers teach every student the same thing using a method book without consideration of what the student wants to learn or is interested in.
  • Most guitar teachers don't plan lessons ahead of time and simply "wing it". Once they have “taught” you something there is no review or further examples.
  • Most guitar teachers don't keep track of your lessons or progress, and often forget what they teach their students.
  • Most guitar teachers do nothing to help you remember what you learned in your guitar lessons
  • Most guitar teachers are not available to help you outside of your guitar lessons
  • Most guitar teachers have no strategy to help you develop an effective practice routine

Six String Studios Goes Above and Beyond

  • In your FREE 30 minute evaluation, I assess your current skills and challenges, and help you define what you want to learn on guitar. Then I help you choose the most appropriate guitar lesson program for you to help you achieve your goals.
  • I focus on specifically helping you improve weak areas that are holding you back from learning guitar. I ONLY show you things that directly relate to your guitar playing goals. Frequent review and additional examples are applied to keep those concepts fresh in your mind.
  • I log everything I teach you in your guitar lessons so I don't forget. I also encourage the use of practice logs which I provide to students to help them keep track of their own progress as well.
  • I give you practice materials to use while learning guitar at home after your guitar lesson with me. You can review all your guitar lessons again anytime you want!
  • I am available via email and phone to answer any questions you have between lessons.
  • I give you a customized guitar practice schedule, so you can still get a complete guitar practice in 15 minutes. Yes, you can learn guitar by practicing only 15 minutes per day.
  • In addition, Six String Studios offers referral program that can earn you free tuition, additional supplemental learning resources exclusive to Six String Studios students, full guitar and amp packages for students that may not have their own guitar and much much more

Scott is a Great Guitar Teacher!

six string studios guitar lesson testimonialScott is a great guy and a great teacher! His teaching is different from other teachers becuase there is no textbook and let's you play what kind of music you want to. I have been taking lessons for about 7 months and I've had a great experience. - Alex R.

I Love Going to My Guitar Lessons!

best guitar lessons in waconiaI love going to my lessons! I think Scott is great! He is really patient and makes learning really easy. He is teaching me to play some great songs. I love the electric guitar that he picked out for me. I love to play it for my friends, they think it's really cool that I know how to play the guitar. I love going to my lessons, Scott makes it really fun when I am there. He is the best teacher ever!- Wyatt L.

The Most Value For Your Guitar Tuition

guitar lessons waconiaAt Six String Studios, we provide more value for your guitar tuition than any other teacher or studio. We don't just provide a weekly lesson to you and we certainly don't make you pay for lesson materials or other "extras" In fact we have a ton of extras that we give you FREE. Six String Studios provides a complete learning program that encompasses a variety of facets to ensure you succeed in reaching your guitar playing goals. As an example, by simply changing the way your tuition is billed, earns you free guitar lessons throughout the year.


Here is a list of some of the other great things that Six String Studios provides to maximize your guitar education. Again, these are things that no other teacher or studio provides for you

  • FREE Beginners Kick Start 13 part video lesson series designed to get you playing right way! A $200 value (coming soon)
  • Multiple lesson formats designed for all levels of commitment and budgets
  • Lesson support in between lessons via phone or email- No need to struggle between lessons
  • String n Clean guitar string changing services- keep your guitar in perfect shape!
  • Retail items. You'll be able to purchase strings, picks etc right in your lesson Super convenient!
  • No long term commitment. Enjoy guitar lessons without feeling trapped by getting locked in to a long term "session" as other teachers do
  • FREE lesson binder preloaded with fundamental lessons every beginner needs- Start learning right away! A $40 value
  • Referral bonus- Earn cash for telling your friends! $50 for every referral!
  • Access to the Six String Studios Student Resources webpage- Lots of great things to enhance your guitar lessons
  • Custom designed guitar learning program. No cookie cutter lessons or method books!
  • Electric guitar/amp package rentals- No need to commit to purchasing expensive gear
  • Focus- Six String Studios focuses on providing guitar and only guitar lessons. We dont teach 15 different instruments. This focus allows us to provide you the best guitar education possible

Taking lessons at Six String Studios has been a blast.

guitar lessons waconia testimonialTaking lessons at Six String Studios has been a blast. I had been classically trained in another instrument over 20 years ago and was afraid that it was too late to teach an old dog new tricks. I wanted to achieve the same level of technical skill with the guitar as I had in the past with my other instrument. Scott has been very good about maintaining the perfect balance between theory and fun stuff to keep the learning meaningful and exciting. I fear that if we would’ve followed my plan of starting from the beginning with nothing but scales and chords I may have hung it up long ago. The studio is clean, comfortable and inviting and Scott is very knowledgeable and accommodating. I would not hesitate for a second recommending Six String Studios to anyone interested in learning guitar, it’s never too late.. - Craig S

I Dont Want to be Your Guitar Teacher Forever...

I Want to be Your COACH

I have designed a structured curriculum that will give you the tools, techniques, knowledge and CONFIDENCE that will allow you to do anything you want on the guitar.


YOU CAN achieve a level of mastery that allows you to play along with any song whenever you want

YOU CAN have the confidence to say to your friends, family and most importantly YOURSELF- "I am a guitar player and I have the skills to prove it"

YOU CAN master the skills it takes to be creative with the guitar and develop your own unique musical voice and do it with conviction.

YOU Are the Priority at Six String Studios

guitar lessons waconiaAt Six String Studios, we offer a unique approach to learning to play the guitar- ONE THAT WORKS

Studies show that 50% of new guitar players quit after 6 months. Why is that? The answer is simple- It is because their teachers simply didnt care about them.

I take a vested interest in the sucess of my students. Lessons are carefully delivered to you at appropriate times to ensure you reach your guitar playing goals and stay motivated and excited about guitar lessons. A tremendous amount of prep time is spent each week to ensure you receive lessons that are designed to give you the fundamentals you need to play the guitar and achieve your goals. Support, mentoring and encouragement are a part of every lesson. In fact, Six String Studios is the only place where you have the opportunity to contact your guitar teacher outside of lessons for help! In addition, we provide supplemental lesson material to further enhance your lessons to help you grow as fast as possible in your guitar playing journey.


This isn't for Everyone Though

It takes a committed, eager student to get the most from guitar lessons at Six String Studios

Can you answer YES to any of these?

  • You are just looking to "try" guitar lessons out
  • You don't think you'll have time or motivation to practice consistently at home
  • You just want to learn to copy other people's songs
  • You don't enjoy music
  • Have too many activities that will interfere with regular weekly lessons
  • Just want a bunch of "stuff" to learn
  • Cost is more important than value

 If you answered "Yes" to any of the items above then Six String Studios is not the place for you.  We only want students that have a passion for music, are committed to not only learning to "play" the guitar but truly have an understanding of how it works, realize learning to play an instrument is a journey and not a race and understand that value is more important than cost.

You Get What You Pay For

six string studiosA student came to me a while back who was interested in lessons. She had been taking lessons for a full year from another teacher. During her evaluation, I asked her to play a simple 3 chord progression. Not only was she unable to change between the chords but she hesitated in even remembering what the shapes of the chords were. This is after an entire year of lessons from another teacher! Within a few weeks of lessons at Six String Studios, not only was she able to change between those 3 chords but she had learned 7 more and was changing between all of them and playing all of her favorite songs with ease. Of course the other teacher's rates were cheaper but what did this student have to show for it? NOTHING. Until she started taking guitar lessons at Six String Studios.

Students of Six String Studios have gone on to play county fairs, start bands, write and record their own songs, play for touring worship groups, play at family reunions and weddings and most importantly, realized their dreams of finally achieving something they have wanted to do for a very long time.

What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW

Before I can help you I need to know more about you! Simply click the button below and on the next page tell me a bit about yourself, your musical background, your guitar playing goals, favorite songs/bands/guitar players, why you want to learn to play the guitar etc. The better I understand your needs as a guitar student, the better I can formulate the best possible custom guitar learning program for you.