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Do You Need A Guitar Teacher

If you really want to learn how to play the guitar well, you will do so much faster with a good guitar teacher. Imagine an 8th grader saying he doesn’t need to go to school anymore because he thinks he has already learned what one needs to know in life. Sounds ridiculous right? Well it is, but that is the exact same attitude that many guitar players have about music. Before I go on any further, let me clarify to you that if your goal is to play a few simple songs around the campfire your need for a teacher is not really needed. For those of you who want more such as:

Really understand the guitar

Play more complicated music

Have the freedom to hear a song and play along to it

Create your own music

Then this article is for you.

Most of us can think of some good guitar players out there who never had a formal music lesson in their life, and yet they still seem to have done quite well for themselves. Many people look at a guitar player like this and think “Hey if that person can succeed on his/her own, why can’t I?” It is a valid question, and sure you can learn some things on your own without a guitar teacher. But why take the risk of doing it on your own when it usually doesn’t work, when you could find a guitar teacher that can make things work for you? Most people who choose not to work with a teacher either:

Have significant financial problems (that make paying for guitar lessons impossible).

Don’t care enough about one’s own musical progress to invest the time and money in himself/herself.

Just doesn’t understand how much a great teacher can help a student in more ways than one may have realized.

Most people who don’t take guitar lessons fall into the last category. So it is to these people specifically that this article is written for. Let’s go over the obvious. Without a good guitar teacher, you may spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years trying to learn things with limited results, when a teacher might be able to show you in as little as a few minutes. Your progress is going to move much more rapidly (and correctly) with a teacher than without one.

Let’s think about other types of people (non musicians) who try hard to make extensive progress in their area of interest. Even the greatest athletes in the world still NEED coaches and trainers so they are able to do their best and improve. I know that some of you are thinking “Hey this is music, not the Olympics or some other type of competition.” Of course music shouldn’t be about competition against others, but it IS a competition (at least with yourself) if you want to improve your skills and reach your true potential. If you want to reach your musical goals and those goals are at a higher level than where you are right now, it’s a competition, a challenge, a quest, a journey, or whatever else you want to call it.

Think about this, the head coach of a professional football team is not the athlete (in most cases) the players are, but yet, the coaches are more than capable of teaching and coaching the athletes to be the best they can be. Think about the Olympics and the coaches that teach and train the athletes in gymnastics. Those coaches can’t do (with their own bodies) half of the things the gymnasts can do with their bodies, and still they are extremely successful in training athletes to compete in the Olympics. It’s clear to see the athletes depend on their coaches and trainers heavily. Now you may be thinking that my analogy of athletes and coaches is not applicable to music students and teachers. Music teachers are like conventional teachers in that, they pass along information, knowledge of music theory, aural skills, composition, improvisation, chords, scales, the elements of music, etc. It is somewhat true that you can find some of this information on the internet, but you can also find a lot of wrong and incomplete information there as well! But what about performance practice, work ethics of practicing, physical techniques, finger independence, economy of motion and tension control. These are all things that are almost impossible to learn on your own via the internet. A trainer/coach/teacher can help you not only learn them, but master them.

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