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Does Your Guitar Teacher Care About You

I see a lot of ads and websites where guitar teachers spend a lot of time talking about themselves.They went to a fancy school, toured with so and so band, played guitar for X years and on and on and on.What I don’t see them write about is what they are going to do for YOU.They don’t discuss how they are going to help you succeed.They don’t talk about custom curriculum.They don’t mention they will help you develop and achieve your goals.They don’t explain how they are going to make you a better guitar player

They simply don’t care about you.

This is why so many people start taking guitar lessons and within 6 months, 50% of them quit.Their teacher never listened to them and developed a plan that fit that student.Every guitar student is different.They all have different goals, reasons and motivators for learning to play the guitar.Unfortunately, too many guitar teachers are more concerned with their ego or too lazy to design guitar lessons that are tailored for each student.

Six String Studios is the complete opposite.I GUARANTEE there is no other teacher that cares more about their students then I do mine.The first thing we do together is discuss YOUR goals, what you are interested in learning and what motivates you to play the guitar.From there, I develop a CUSTOM guitar learning program designed for you to achieve your goals and most importantly have FUN.I give 110% to my students and take a vested interest in their success.This is why I am the only teacher that I know of that makes themselves available in between lessons so that my students can call or email me if they need help with anything.

Simply put- Six String Studios cares about you and wants to see you succeed as a guitar player

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