guitar lessons in waconia

FREE Lesson Series

Six String Studios created an awesome video series designed to give you the tips and tricks that no other guitar teacher shares to help you in your guitar playing.

Learning to play the guitar is so much more than someone showing you how to play songs.  We want to make sure you are a complete guitar player who truly understands the guitar and how it works... not just throw 3 chords together and a strum pattern.

So we created this exciting video series where we give you tips and tricks to improve your guitar playing that the "other" teachers won't.

Tip #1- Jam Tracks and Play Along Tracks

Tip #2- The Importance of Music Theory

Tip #3- The Importance of Being in Tune

Live in the communities or surrounding areas of Waconia, Mound, Minnetrista, Victoria, St Boni and Chanhassen and are interested in FREE, no obligation guitar lesson?

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