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How To Begin Your Guitar Playing Journey Part 3

One very useful thing to know is the note names of the open strings. They are often used to describe finger placement (as in put your first finger in the second fret of the A string) and a must know when you are tuning your guitar, so be sure to read this one.

So what are the notes?

1st string – E (the thinnest)
2nd string – B
3rd string – G
4th string – D
5th string – A
6th string – E (the thickest)

Use a silly saying

This can easily be remembered using a rhyme… like:

Easter Bunny Gets Drunk After Easter

(The notes names from thin to thick strings).

Other Examples…

Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Erica
Even Brainy Guys Don’t Always Eat
They can go the other way too – using thickest to thinnest strings like these:

Easter Angels Don’t Give Broken Eggs

Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good-Bye Eddie (my favorite)

Go for it and make up your own!