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How to Make a Cheap Guitar Sound Like a Million Bucks



Who doesn’t like a nice guitar?
The problem is, guitarists get pretty obsessed by what guitar they have, and get lost down the “rabbit hole” of guitar gear.
I can honestly tell you…
It just doesn’t matter what kind of guitar you have (especially at the beginner and intermediate level).
Having an in-tune, properly setup guitar is way more important.
Quick story…
I used to work at a guitar shop and there was this Gibson Custom Shop SG – Red with gold parts…beautiful…and a $4,500.00 price tag.
And ya know what?
It played like total crap!
It was because its “setup” slipped out after sitting on the guitar rack for a couple of years.
This is why you’re better off spending your money on these 2 things rather than new, expensive equipment:
1) Getting a pro luthier to intonate, adjust your action and “setup” your guitar so it plays in-tune and is as easy to play as possible.
2) Knowledge
Quick story about “Sheldon”:
Sheldon wanted to play guitar is whole life and invests in a nice Gibson and a Marshall amp.
Spends about $1,500.00
He figures he can learn using books and videos on YouTube.
Annnnd…things don’t go exactly as planned.
6 months later, he’s still a total rookie on the guitar.
At this point, Sheldon’s getting pretty frustrated with his progress.
He looks into 1-on-1 guitar lessons but just cant scrape together the few hundred bucks to take them and just can’t justify the cost.

The result?
He stays as a rookie forever. The guitar dream is never fulfilled. He sells off his gear (for a lot less than he paid for it).

As a professional guitar teacher, I’ve personally taught hundreds of students and I see this all the time.

Can I tell you what I think Sheldon should have done?
He should have bought a used guitar and amp…
Got the strings changed and a “setup” done by a pro luthier….
And Invested $1000 in his guitar KNOWLEDGE.
That’s how you make a cheap guitar sound like a million bucks.


Look, I know we get distracted by all the fancy bells and whistles, and trust me – I know how attractive a nice guitar can be.
But, it just doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play the damn thing!
So if you’re sick of trying to learn on your own, you’re frustrated by your progress, and you just plain old stink on the guitar…why haven’t you invested in 1-on-1 lessons?
Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads (Ozzy), and John & Paul from The Beatles have all taken 1-on-1 lessons….

Even though I teach guitar for a living, I still seek out lessons to this day…

So why aren’t you?
Why aren’t you “putting your money where your mouth is” and investing in your guitar knowledge?
So if you’re hungry to get good at the guitar and really want to get better, get ready to invest in yourself!

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