Guitar Lessons Are Fun and Educational

  • Has your child expressed an interest in learning how to play the guitar?
  • Is your child currently taking guitar lessons but not making any progress?
  • Do you want your child to experience all of the great benefits that learning an instrument will give them?

6 Benefits That Learning To Play The Guitar Will Give Your Child

  • Higher IQ – Many studies show that children that play an instrument have a higher IQ and do better in school.
  • Music Encourages Self-discipline and Responsibility -Self disciple and being accountable are traits that will help them succeed in life. While all the other kids are playing video games your child will be learning invaluable life lessons
  • Music Can Help Them Develop Social Skills – Whether they are learning with other kids or learning privately they will be encouraged to participate in the lessons, voice their opinions and thoughts, and even play with others.
  • Confidence – Learning how to play the guitar is empowering because it’s so fun. They will be the envy of their peers, and have a little something extra that makes them unique.
  • Creativity – They will learn how to be creative. They will learn how to take an idea and turn it into something creative that expresses what they want.
  • Skills they will carry with them throughout life – Not only will they learn to play the guitar but they will develop many life principals such as: hard work, perseverance, patience and determination.

Convenient, Affordable, and Professional

As a parent myself, I understand you have an already busy schedule. The small sacrifice of time you make to involve your child in music education will give them life long skills and provide a positive education and hobby that will allow them to grow and mature. I not only foster this growth and education at Six String Studios but ensure your child will be motivated to learn to play the guitar.

There is a comfortable waiting area that you can use as your child is having their guitar lesson. In addition, the studio is centrally located from the major communities in the western suburbs. Most importantly, I will work with you to find a lesson format and schedule that fits your needs.

Scott is a Great Teacher!

six string studios guitar lesson testimonialScott is a great teacher! Scott is a great teacher. My daughter loves taking lessons from him and she has learned so much. I would highly recommend Scott as a teacher! - Michelle B. for her daughter Erin

What Can You And Your Child Expect From Taking Guitar Lessons At Six String Studios?

  • Guitar lessons will be FUN! We will learn a lot together and have a lot of fun doing it!
  • You will have a dedicated instructor who is patient and understanding but also encourages accountability from the student to complete their assignments and practice.
  • You will get detailed homework each week so your child always knows what to do and how to do it.
  • You will be able to contact me throughout the week if you have questions. There is no reason to be frustrated or struggle.
  • I encourage parents to sit in on their child's lesson so they can assist at home if needed.
  • They will learn how to problem solve pieces of music and as well as learn how to memorize songs – which will also help them in their school work!
  • They will learn how to be creative and even write their own songs, riffs, and solos.
  • Results! – Not only will your child learn how to play the guitar well but they will be a light years ahead of other kids in their music classes.

Scott Does a Great Job

guitar lessons in waconia Scott does such a great job with Zach. Each lesson is tailored for him, at the right pace, using songs that make it fun along the way. Scott really knows his stuff and truly wants to see Zach succeed. Zach has a great time and looks forward to his lesson each week!" - Kyle and Heidi P. for son Zach.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that you and your child will get from studying guitar at Six String Studios. However, I want you to be 100% sure that you and your child are ready for this so I am offering a FREE trial lesson where we can meet and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

Scott Takes a Vested Interest

guitar lessons in waconiaSaundra (Mom):"Scott has been instrumental in teaching guitar lessons to my 12 year old son Dietrick. Scott takes a vested interest in Dietrick and teaches him songs that excite him and are fun to play. Scott has a great attitude, is positive and encouraging, and has an approach that truly makes learning fun and creates an overall great experience. Dietrick: "Scott is a great guitar teacher! I like Scott as my guitar teacher because he is very interactive and he knows if you are having troubles and is quick to help, even when I'm at home practicing I can count on him to help. Scott rocks and I look forward to learning a lot more from him and jamming out!" - Saundra K. and son Dietrick

What You Need To Do Now

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