Which Guitar Lessons Are Right For You?

The type of lessons you are going to take depends on your specific goals. Would you like to be able to play electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Are you an adult searching for lessons for yourself, or are you looking for lessons for your child? If you don't know what kind of lessons is the best fit for you, then contact me so we can discuss it at our first FREE session together. I will help you get started with no obligations on your part!

Working With Scott Has Been Great

guitar lessons waconiaWorking with Scott has been great! I received my first guitar as a gift for my birthday last December. I have wanted to learn to play forever and after struggling for months to learn the basics on my own I finally broke down and signed up for lessons. After just a few lessons I had the hang of the basic cords and I am now able to play through some of my favorite songs. Learning something new is difficult but Scott has been a big help in getting me started and keeping my interest to push me forward and make me better. I would definitely recommend Six String Studios. - Riley D.

Adult Acoustic Guitar Lessons

guitar lessons waconiaIf you want to play songs at a campfire, or accompany yourself while singing, then you most likely want to take lessons for acoustic guitar. I have a fantastic curriculum that will help you achieve this. I also offer various workshops and masterclasses that you can take in addition to your lessons to further your skills, giving you the best guitar education in the shortest amount of time. You can learn more about lessons at Six String Studios here: Guitar Lessons in Waconia

Adult Acoustic Guitar Lessons

guitar lessons in waconiaIf you are a rocker, or you want to play guitar solos , then our electric guitar lessons are for you! The electric guitar is a great instrument to have fun with. It is also a great instrument to get started, as the strings are less difficult to press than on an acoustic guitar. For more info on our electric guitar lessons click here: Electric Guitar Lessons in Waconia

Guitar Lessons For Kids

best guitar lessons in the waconia areaIf you are searching for guitar lessons for your kids, you are in the right place. Here at Six String Studios I know that the learning needs of kids are different than the needs of teens and adults. I also know that as a parent, your time is at a premium. I can work with you to find a time slot that is convenient.

Music lessons are a great way for a kid to grow with a productive and educational activity. If you want to get more information for guitar lessons for your kids, please read this page on Kids Guitar Lessons in Waconia

Dont forget- As successful guitar lessons for you or your child depends on the right fit between student and teacher, I want to give you an opportunity to give guitar lessons at Six String Studios a try before you commit. Click the button below to schedule your FREE, no obligation lesson TODAY!

Other Guitar Lesson Programs

No matter what your situation is, I have a program that will fit any budget, level of commitment and proximity to my studio.

Other Opportunities to Learn the Guitar at Six String Studios Include:

  • Weekly one on one both in 1/2 hour and full hour
  • Small group lessons
  • Correspondence lesson- great for the business traveler
  • Skype- looking for the best teacher but aren't close to Six String Studios?
  • Workshops and Masterclasses
  • Beginner programs
  • Acoustic and Electric